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Porous InP

Anodized Aluminum

Holographic Lithography

Electro-Beam Lithography: Narrow Line Exposure

Etch masks were created in PMMA for nano-island arrays of various dimension and periodicity.
In each case, two sets of lines were used, with the second set rotated by 90 degrees with respect to the first. The two sets overlapped at right angles, creating a crosshatch pattern of exposed resist. In the figure to the right, exposed line width is less than 20 nm save at intersections which were double exposed.  Line separation was 200-nm center-to-center forming a square lattice with each island ~180 nm in length. At this lattice period, the islands retain a square shape with slightly rounded corners. The two sets of lines were written on the sample using a Leica 5000+ e-beam writing system. (more detail).