1. Do refer "target Details" page for Hard-Disk details.
  2. To Implement FILE SYSTEM and DISK DRIVER, the HDD needs to be partitioned in a convenient way
  3. As it has been explained in the previous pages, MS DOS resides on the HDD.
  4. If the processes, used to control the HDD's block-data accesses, are spawned, then there is high probability of MSDOS data getting corrupted, hence a demarcation line , to differentiate between the partition for MSDOS and partition for space accessible by nanOS' File System and Disk Driver, should be drawn.
  5. To achieve step 4, Master boot record must be modified to aid us, but at the same time the inital MSDOS boot should not be disturbed.
  6. Currently I am researching on how to solve and implement the above said procedure.
  7. Only after this initial hard disk set-up, the File System and Disk Driver can be implemented.
I would greatly appreciate any help that would keep me enhancing nanOS. All the thoughts, queries and ideas can be