No bibliography can pretend to be complete, even when time limitations are set, as there always are publications that cannot be accessed by the bibliographer. This work is no exception. In compiling this work we consulted the collection of reference material in libraries, as well as many other published bibliographies, and indices of journals.

The main objective of this compilation is to disseminate information on publications relating to Sri Lankan Ornithology. It is sometimes difficult to identify the relevance of some publications to Sri Lankan ornithology. Hence, in addition to works published on Sri Lanka, we include other relevant publications on extra-territorial information. Publications on resident birds and common migrants, from other parts of the world are included here. Special attention is given to the publications on work done in the Indian Sub continent, even though these publications may relate to birds outside Sri Lanka when the species referred may supplement studies of local birds.

This bibliography includes scientific papers, popular articles, books, theses/dissertations, published and un-published reports. It is intended to include conference proceedings which often go unnoticed, and useful web sites. Some entries in this bibliography are incomplete and readers are invited to correct us by providing missing information.

In this bibliography, we have arranged publications alphabetically by their author’s names and the individual author’s work in a chronological order. Papers authored by several people have been listed under the name of the first author. Where a series of works includes several volumes, in some cases, a single entry is included under the years of publication.