New Testament

Gospels & Acts

Resources for Studying the Gospels
Resources for studying the gospels

Paul and the Pauline Epistles

Revelation (Apocalypse)
Links to Revelation, Apocalyptic and Millennial Websites and Materials

Textual Criticism
A Student's Guide to New Testament Textual Variants
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web by TW Seid

NT Exegesis

Resources for New Testament Exegesis

New Perspective on Paul

The Paul Page
... an expanding website dedicated to exploring recent trends in Pauline studies like "the new perspective on Paul" and "Paul and Empire."

Synoptic Problem

Jerusalem School
Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research

Jerusalem Perspective
Popular, semi-academic platform focussing mainly on the Historical Jesus and the Synoptic Problem
"The Synoptic Problem Website surveys proposed solutions and provides a clearing-house for materials related to its resolution."

Historical Jesus
A Gateway to the Research of the Jesus Seminar
Portrait of Jesus by Marcus Borg
Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus
The Historical Jesus and Christian Theology by NT Wright
The Jesus The Jesus We'll Never Know