Bible Software on the Web

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Scholarly texts with parsing & lexicons:

Bibles in ancient & modern languages with easy-to-use language aids, interlinear ESV, and super-flexible searches.

The Sword
A huge easy-to-access collection of texts which can be viewed in handy columns, eg: OT in parallel Greek, Hebrew & English LXX & MT
or NT in parallel Greek & English with linked parsing Wonderful "show the evidence" feature with images of the manuscripts. 

Especially for finding Bible allusions even when the vocabulary has been changed 
It does complex searches and compares texts, with parallel MT/LXX and even LXX variants. 

All the amazing translation notes with added Greek+Hebrew tools

NLT NT Interlinear
with Strong's and Greek

Scholars Gateway: Genesis 1:1-5
Hebrew & Greek with morphology

Greek & Hebrew interlinear with many associated tools.

BlueLetter Bible
- OT & NT, very good links incl. full Thayer and Gesenius lexicons

- Hebrew BHS, LXX, NA26, linked to lexicons, with English. Fast.

Greek NT with Variants
- multiple Greek editions & MSS, with variants, linked to very good lexical aids.

Perseus Greek NT
- W&H ed. with links to superb lexicons & grammatical analysis.

- nice multi-version concordance, and lexicons linked to Hebrew & Greek. Useful layout.

The Online Greek Bible
- NT only, click on any word for lexicon & morphology

OliveTree Bibles
- search Greek & Hebrew,eg seach for hilasmos
See lists of Bibles here here & here