Software for Phones & Tablets



PDAs now run software as sophisticated as early PCs, and many Bible packages are available. Some of the best are free. 

Palm BiblePlus - the best free bible software on PDAs
* View two versions at once (eg LXX in Greek & English)
* Search for words in English or original language
* Make bookmarks with descriptive titles

collection & instructions for Palm OS5 here
* includes Bibles in English, Greek, Hebrew & Aramaic; Josephus, Philo, Nag Hammadi; Lexicons for Greek, Hebrew, Latin. And more.

McLean - academic texts from Joseph Park Chan Darlack NTCS, Mechon,

Other free programs:

UniBible - for Palm.
A new program which shows promise, with lots of foreign translation.

Sword Reader - free for Pocket PC.
Still being developed, but stable.

Commercial programshave to be really good, with this free competition:

Olive Tree - all PDAs.
Scholarly Gramcord texts, with integrated parsing & lexicons. Very comprehensive.

Laridian - all PDAs, NIV text and many others.

Quickverse -Palm & Pocket PC.