David & Bathsheba

Alright, time to tell Bathsheba’s story. Bathsheba and her husband David fell in love under unfavorable, even sinful, circumstances but somehow were able to turn things around and have a healthy relationship. Here is something she wrote on the birthday of her first son with David.

This day every year is always very bittersweet. It reminds me of a very confusing time in my life, when I was pregnant with my first child with David while still married to my first husband Uriah. It does bring me happiness to see how far David and I have come since then though. The way that David and I met was wrong, but I am still glad that it happened.

One day I was bathing in my home while my husband Uriah was away at war. I was so happy when he was away because things were much more peaceful. Uriah was a violent man. He loved war and that was really his only passion in life. I don’t think that he ever truly loved me, and I know I certainly did not love him. Our marriage was arranged and I was forced to marry him. After my bath I was relaxing when I heard knocking at the door. It was the king’s messengers requesting that I follow them to the palace. I had never met King David before but I had always admired him from afar. He was so handsome and intelligent, and he was a man of God! I was giddy to hear that he wanted to see me. I arrived at the palace and was led to the king’s room. It was so beautiful that it took my breath away. David had laid out a lovely feast for us to enjoy together. From the moment we met we had an instant connection. We talked all afternoon until it became dark outside. I told the king that I should return home, even though I really did not want to leave. He suggested that I stay there that night with him in the palace. I couldn’t resist his offer, even though I knew a married woman should not be behave like that. It was truly one of the best nights of my life. By morning I knew we were in love.

I was on cloud nine for weeks until reality set in and I found out that I was pregnant, but not by my husband. I sent word to David that I was pregnant. He immediately came to me to discuss what we should do. I felt terrible that I had betrayed my husband. David suggested that he could send for Uriah to come home and sleep with me, which would make it appear that this pregnancy was from him. I had no idea what to do but agreed to this because I felt like David had more wisdom than me. Uriah came to the palace but of course could think of nothing but war. For two days David tried to convince him to go home to me but he would have none of it. He slept with the servants because he felt that it would be unfair for him to go home while his fellow comrades were out sleeping in tents. I had no idea what David’s plan was, but I hoped that he had thought of something else. My husband returned to war and I was sick with guilt for weeks. Then one day I received word that he had been killed in battle. I was so upset! I had never loved him but I had also never wished him to die. I did feel a slight sense of relief though. My husband had died doing something he was truly passionate about so I knew he was at peace. Also now I was free to marry my true love David.

We were quickly married and soon I gave birth. However, this child only lived for seven days. I was so devastated! I knew that what David and I had done was sinful, but why would the Lord take the life of our child? I was so upset, but David comforted me and assured me that things would get better for us. He was right. I gave birth to another child, a son, named Solomon. The Lord blessed Solomon, as well as our marriage, from then on. I am so thankful for this! On this day of the birth of my first child, I am always grateful for how far David and I have come. We were in such a bad place then, but now I am so fulfilled with the prosperity we have found together.

Image Source: Temptation to Sin

Author’s Note: This a retelling of the Biblical story of David and Bathsheba found in 2 Samuel Chapters 11 and 12 of the Bible. I chose this story because it is something very real that I am sure many couples today can relate to. Many relationships have rocky starts that endure some less than ideal circumstances. However these relationships are often the longest lasting, most fulfilling ones. David and Bathsheba’s relationship started with the sin of infidelity. Cheating is wrong no matter what way you think about it, but that does not always mean that there is no hope. David and Bathsheba sinned by having sex while she was still married. They paid for this sin in the death of their first son. However, they repented for their actions and God blessed them later. I embellished on several points in this story. The Bible mentions nothing about the relationship between Uriah and Bathsheba. Maybe he was a wonderful husband, but maybe he wasn’t, who knows? Also there is no detail about the first rendezvous between David and Bathsheba, other than that they had sex. It doesn’t say that they fell in love. However I think it can be considered that they did fall in love, since David went to such great lengths to marry Bathsheba. The Bible says that David ordered for Uriah to be placed on the front lines in battle, so that he would be killed. It does not say if Bathsheba was aware of this, but I felt like it was more romantic for her to remain ignorant of this. According to my rendition Bathsheba went to the grave thinking that Uriah had been fortuitously killed in battle which allowed her and David to be married.

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