Bible Verses On Children

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  • The books of the Bible that are considered canonical number 24 for Jews, 66 for Protestants, 73 for Catholics, and 78 for most Orthodox Christians.
  • This application offers a collection of over 1000 essential Bible verses on many important topics such as Faith, Relationships, Money &
  • A young human being below the age of full physical development or below the legal age of majority
  • A son or daughter of any age
  • An immature or irresponsible person
  • (child) a young person of either sex; "she writes books for children"; "they're just kids"; "`tiddler' is a British term for youngster"
  • (child) a human offspring (son or daughter) of any age; "they had three children"; "they were able to send their kids to college"
  • (child) an immature childish person; "he remained a child in practical matters as long as he lived"; "stop being a baby!"
bible verses on children
bible verses on children - ESV Children's
ESV Children's Bible (Religion)
ESV Children's Bible (Religion)
Every child should have a Bible to call their own.The ESV Children's Bible is a great choice, combining the reliability and beauty of the full ESV Bible text with more than 200 pages of full-color illustrations of Bible events and people that appear right where the Bible stories occur in the text. It is ideal for pre-readers, who enjoy the vibrant color illustrations, and early readers who want to have a “real” Bible to use and carry with them.
In the back of this Bible is an 80-page “Bible Study Helps” section designed for young children, complete with Bible charts and lists, the plan of salvation, important verses for growing as a young Christian, God’s Promises, tips for reading the Bible and learning to pray, key verses to memorize, and a dictionary of Bible words.
The ESV Children’s Bible is a colorful and complete Bible that kids love!
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Larger 10.5-point type
1,632 pages
Words of Christ in red
Full-color illustrations throughout
Introductions to each Bible book
Bible-reading plan for kids
Color charts and diagrams of biblical themes

The rose represents Jesus and the children those who came to Him for a blessing. The petals are the faith of those little ones surrounding them in His love and joy forever! Jesus admonished his followers who told the children, who went to Him for a blessing, to more or less 'get lost kid'. HE even went so far as to let them know that unless you have the faith of a child, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven! Most adults believe in ONLY what they can see. They have lost the childlike faith they had in their elders and in Jesus. This trust is inborn. In spite of original sin, all humans are born with the innate knowledge of their creator, God the Father. When they are young is when we teach them about the Lord. It is NOT a fairy tale, or make believe. They KNOW that this is true. The children believe because there is nothing, no one, no pressure, nobody to stop them from believing. If we do not believe that Jesus died on the cross carrying our sins and that on the third day after His death, He rose FROM the dead and went to be with His Father in Heaven. Before going to be with God the Father, Jesus was seen after the resurrection by many people. Many of the people who saw and touched and heard Him, believed because they saw, heard and touched. Blessed are those who believe, who have not touched, seen or heard His voice on Earth. Be assured, He is real and will one day come again to reign in Glory. The Second coming of Jesus will not be like the first. He will come in Glory with Heavenly armies defeating evil and renewing the world making into HEAVEN! Blessed are those who believe as the children did then and as they do now. Have a blessed Palm Sunday and weekend. Thank you for visiting. JJ
The week before Jesus was put on trial and found guilty, the people of Jerusalem, who had heard of His miracles, healings and the Word of God being spoken in truth came out to exalt Him. What would have happened if Jesus had not done all that scripture prophesied. We would all be lost. His triumph on Palm Sunday became HIS TRIUMPH over, sin, death and the devil for ALL TIME. His perfect life, holy Godship, sacrifice on the cross and Resurrection of the Body, are all part of God's plan to save His beloved children. Who are God's children. ALL OF US. "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 12The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. 13The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep." John 10 v: 10-13 PLEASE VIEW IN LARGE SIZE TO MAKE IT EASIER TO READ THE BIBLE VERSE.
bible verses on children
ESV Seek and Find Bible
Published in partnership with Concordia Publishing House, this new full-color children’s Bible combines the complete ESV Bible text with more than 120 new, vibrant illustrations of major Bible stories. Accompanying each full-page illustration is the Bible story itself, clearly and accurately retold for young readers—and for the parents, grandparents, and teachers who read to them. Each story includes a Key Bible Verse to memorize, Additional Readings for discovering more of the story throughout the Bible, and simple Reflection Questions to help children begin to understand and apply God’s Word. Colorful icons make it easy for young readers to see where each story is found in the Bible text and to locate the illustration that goes with it.

In addition, dozens of Bible characters are profiled throughout the pages, and color call-out sections provide illustrated facts about important Bible objects, structures, and places. Each Bible book begins with a child-friendly introduction, highlighting the important characters and themes found in it.
The ESV Seek and Find Bible is the ideal first “real” Bible for pre-readers and young readers, ages 5 to 9, to grow up with. It is also a wonderful resource for parents to use in family Bible reading and for teachers who teach the Bible to young children.
More than 120 full-page, full-color illustrations
Simple Bible story retellings for each illustration
Age-appropriate introductions to each Bible book
Key Verses to memorize
Illustrated profiles of more than 50 major Bible characters
Illustrated facts about Bible objects, structures, and places
Reflections Questions for children, parents and teachers