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Word's of Encouragement

      "We are living in the age of distractions. There is something calling for your attention all the time. You were made for a purpose and you have a destiny,but just because God has plans for you does not mean you are going to have a bright future. You have to seek God and find out what His plans are."
"Too many people get discouraged when they are believing 'God for something and don't get it right away. We live in a fast-food and microwave generation. We want instant gratification. If you're in a healing line and don't get healed immediately, don't get discouraged. The power of God is working!"
"If we're so powerful, if we're so full of the Word, if we're so filled with the Holy Spirit, then how about growing the fruit of the Spirit and recognizing that God is using your wife to develop the fruits of the Spirit in our lives."
Question: What are some of your ministry goals for the next five years?
Answer: "There are 75 million loyal NASCAR fans. I'd like to try to give every single one of them an opportunity to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I also want to let people know it's not difficult to be a Christian."
"God, through the Holy Spirit, wants to penetrate every fiber of your life. He wants to divinely enable you to do something you couldn't do before, He wants to come upon you and enable you to do things that are impossible for you to accomplish apart from Him. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, he makes up for what you don' t have. You may not naturally have the skills to be a godly man, but when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, that skill is there. You may not naturally have the skills to be a godly husband, but when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, that skill is there. I don't know how you do this thing called 'being a man' without the power of the Spirit in your lives as a christian."
According to Luke 2: 52, Jesus grew mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Favor has a lot to do with growth. If you're not growing, you're going to notice the absence of favor. Growth is where favor beings. Growth is the atmosphere for God's favor." Praise God I love this one.
"Making a difference in the life of a young person doesn't mean that you've led a good enough life. Often the people who have made the most mistakes have a lot to offer a young person. If you've ever made a mistake and allowed God to build you back up, you can use that experience to share it with someone else."
"James 1: 21 tells us to'...receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.' The Word has the ability to heal, restore, deliver, save your soul, change your personality, and change your life! But for the Word to work, it must be engrafted. In other words, unless the Word is engrafted, you won't get the results. For it to be engrafted, you must meditate on the Word and delight yourself in it. Once the promise-the Word-gets engrafted into you, the devil doesn't have a chance! Once the Word is engrafted, then you and that Word have become one, and the devil can't defeat you any more than he can defeat the Word of God. All the devil can try to do is hinder the engrafting process, because once the Word is engrafted, 'Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in heaven' (Ps. 119: 89) and God watches over His Word to perform it (Jer. 1: 12)."
Below are the list of people who where encourage to "refuse to lose" in their walk with the Lord...
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