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 Bible reading and search tools

bible gateway.com   Choose from over 20 English translations plus other languages
o-bible.com   Easy to follow online reading and search tools.  Includes two Chinese versions
biblos.com  Concordance, dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, commentaries and more
read.thepositiveword.com    Daily readings from KJV, BBE, WEB or Webster plus other tools
dailyreadings.org.uk    Online for past 11 years.  Choose between five different versions
bibleontheweb.com  Handy topic and Scripture search too
blueletterbible.com  Search tools, commentaries, audio/video, images, maps and more
olivetree.com/bible  An excellent multi-version online Bible search
searchgodsword.org  Online search plus a choice of commentaries, concordances etc
bible.strongs  The King James version linked to Strong's Concordance online
septuagintversion   English translation of the Greek Septuagint version online

 Bible info/charts/graphics etc

bibletoolshed.com  Very handy source of Bible basics
bibleworkman.net    Bible resources including videos, charts, graphics and more 
bibleinformation   Hand Bible reading guides and plans downloadable in pdf format

 Dictionaries and commentaries

bibel/vines  Vine's dictionary of NT words is now online
oxfordbiblicalstudies.com   Check the 5000 A-Z items from Oxford publications
eastonsbibledictionary.com   Use the handy search tool or click on the alphabet listing 
bible-dictionary.org   Free online dictionary plus free download of Babylon-8 translation tool
studylight.org/fbd   Faussets 1949 Bible Dictionary is now public domain
bible-history.com/smiths  Published in 1884 and still a popular Bible dictionary today
postmoderndictionary   Good for defining 'tech terms' eg hermeneutics, metonymy etc 
bluntsundesigned  J. J. Blunts 'Undesigned Scriptural Coincidences' was published in 1847

 Bible encyclopedias

internationalstandardbible  Edited by James Orr and first published in 1939
bibleencyclopedia.com   Over 30,000 entires.  Use search box or alphabet listing
encyclopaedia_biblica   Published in 1903 and now available free online
bibleencyclopedia.net   Wiki style facts presentation for each book of the Bible
jewishencyclopedia  Published between 1901-1906. Over 15,000 entries

 Downloads, text, audio, software 

biblegatewayaudio   A choice of several versions
audiotreasure.com   A real treasure trove of free downloads
bibleexplorer.com    Download Bible Explorer and start browsing
bibleanalyzer.com   Has unique Gospel harmony/parallel 'generator'
audio-bible.com  Audio plus a large print Bible reading feature
ruwach/bibletext   Download the complete Bible in Text format
diaglott.pdf  The Emphatic Diaglott is now available as a pdf file
onlinebible.org  Bible software downloads.  Select language to activate menu
onlinebible.net   More free software downloads

 Bible history and translation info 

biblehistory.ca   A journey in time examining how the Bible came to us.  An amazing site
newkingjamesversion  Read about the history of this version
englishbibletranslations  Complete list of English Bible translations since the Middle Ages
studybible  The original 1599 Geneva Study Bible free to read online
treasures/gutenberg  British museum site with photos of the Gutenberg Bible
johannes_gutenberg    Wiki page on Gutenberg and what he achieved
timeline-english-bible-history  A very detailed page on the history of the English Bible
hebrewnumbers  Questioning the accuracy of large numbers in our English translations
kjvwords   Dictionary of puzzling and antiquated words from the KJV and their meanings

 Bible maps and atlases

biblemap.org  Read online, click on Bible place and onfo tag with map appears
bibleatlas.org  A high quality map for every location found in the Bible
bible.ca/maps   Good quality free high resolution Bible maps
maps/historical   Old Middle East maps from Castaneda library map collection
openbible.info/geo  Satellite maps of every identifiable place mentioned in the Bible

 Holy Land pictures and photos

A great selection of sites with 1000s of free photos and images 
   Be sure to read copyright requirements before downloading


 Bible archaeology and history

centuryone.com  25 amazing facts about the Dead Sea Scrolls
deadseascrolls  Very detailed wiki page on the Dead Sea Scrolls
biblenews  Rob J Hyndman's extremely well presented Bible archaeology blog
ritmeyer.com  Learn about ancient Middle East building design and much more.
bibleandspade  Edgar James' book, 'The Bible and the Spade' is now public domain
blog.bibleplaces.com  The latest archaeological news from the Middle East
biblemysteries.com  Over 350 topics on Bible history and archaeology
biblical archaeology  Wiki page about excavations since 1841 plus helpful links
thekotel.org  Take a virtual tour of the Western Wall tunnels
moses.creighton  Take a virtual tour of archaeological sites 
biblelight.org  Good coverage on aspects of archaeology supporting Bible accuracy

 Bible museums and exhibitions

biblemuseum   Over 1000 Bibles on display.  Situated in St Arnaud Victoria Australia.
deadsea.scrolls.exhibit   Exhibit at the Library of Congress, Washington DC
thebiblemuseum  In Goodyear Arizona and open every day.  Some of the rarest Bibles 
bibleexhibition  From Ayrshire Scotland.  Also check thebibletoday.org.uk  
shrine of the book  A museum in Jerusalem devoted to the Dead Sea Scrolls

 Prophecy and reading plans

bible in the news  Weekly analysis of world politics in the light of Bible prophecy  
nostradamas or the bible.pdf   This interesting article comes courtesy of Bibleinfo.org.uk
365dayplan    A 365 day Bible reading plan all on one A4 sheet 
bible-plan.pdf   A 52 week plan where each day of the week features one of 7 ongoing themes 
BasicBibleThemesA4  Covers many basic Bible themes over a 48 day period

 The Bible said it first

thoughtsaday   Harmonising famous quotes with what the Bible originally said 
thebiblesaiditfirst    Over 200 commonly used sayings and words which had their origins in the Bible  
Messiah    Read the complete words of Handel's Messiah


 Bible names and symbols

List of Biblical names   Hitchcock's dictionary of over 2500 Bible names
BiblicalNamesandtheirMeanings.pdf   Hitchcocks as a public domain pdf download 
Complete-bible-genealogy.com  Every person in the Bible plus more 
KeyBiblesymbols.pdf   Learn about over 40 Bible symbols plus other helpful charts

 Colours, gems, plants, animals

biblelight.org   An excellent presentation on the symbolism of colour in the Bible 
Precious Stones in the Bible  Wiki list of Bible gems
List of plants in the Bible   Wiki list of plants in the Bible
cook/animals   The Scripture Alphabet of Animals by H.N.Cook 1842 
animals in the Bible   Wiki list of Bible animals

 Jesus' Word and Parables

Jesus word for daily living  Chart listing Jesus' requirements for His disciples
Bibleparables  List of over 90 of Jesus' parables plus Old Testament parables

 Quizzes and colouring pages

biblequizzes.com   Online since 1997
biblequizzes.org.uk  Free Bible trivia e/book on home page   

 "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen"
Rev.22:21 NKJV

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