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The primary purpose of this site is to demonstrate the accuracy and integrity of the Bible in all areas including:
   Endorsements by Jesus Christ
   Messianic prophecies

However, ultimately the Bible is to help draw us to believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Please follow this logic as to what we must do:

   1) Prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a creator. Something can't come from nothing...
   2) Prove that this creator, Jesus, guided an inerrant library, the Bible, made up of 66 individuals books write by 40 authors over 2,000 years on three continents from people as diverse as a murderer, a king, a fisherman, a tax collector, a pharisee, and many more. 

  3) Prove that the Bible clearly defines what sin is.

  4) Prove that we have sinned.

  5) Prove that we are separated from Jesus and that we need to be brought back to Him in the NOW and continue eternally.

  6) Prove that Jesus is the Messiah {Hebrew}, the Christ {Greek}, the Savior that we need to accomplish getting in unity with Him.

  7) Prove that YOU know that you are going to spend eternity in Heaven.

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