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When speaking about references, we refer to the list of references available in the references window. It is a list of verses, e.g. Genesis 2:2.

How to load references?

References are loaded in the references window.

References can be loaded as a result of:

* A search operation.

* Opening a list of references, through menu View / References, then click [actions] and then "Import a list of references".

* Checking.

* Getting them from a projectnote.

When a list of references is opened, up to three words can be chosen to be highlighted in the text editor, when a reference is activated in the references window.

How to go to a reference?

The references list is used to quickly navigate to the verse referred to. Just click on the reference and Bibledit presents that verse in the text editor.

Navigation aids:

* Next Reference (F6): Actives the first reference, or if one is active already (except the last one), the next one.

* Previous Reference (Shift+F6) Actives the first reference, or if one is active already (except the first one), the previous one.

How to save references?

A list of references can be saved through menu, File / Export. See information about exporting data.

How to hide references?

Any references that are at present in the references window can be hidden for the future. Click [actions], then "Hide ... from now on". It won't come back in the future.

The list of references that has been hidden can be seen and edited via [actions], then "Manage the hidden references".

How to print references?

To print references, including the text they refer to, type Ctrl+P or choose menu File - Print. Follow the screen.

How to go back to an original reference?

When working in a text and going to another reference, it is important to have a way to go back to the original reference.

The Previous/Next in the toolbar (green arrows to the left/right) can be used to go to the the original reference in the text editor. This is the text before any reference of the references window was activated.

How to copy the references to the clipboard?

Select the text to copy with the mouse, and press Ctrl-C. This will copy the selected text to the cliipboard.