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Open network repository setup

In this tutorial we are going to set up an open repository on the network.

To create the repository on we need a server. Any of your Linux computers that is attached to your network will do. In this tutorial we assume that the computer is accessible from the network through IP address The user of this computer will be Jim.

To create the repository, login as user jim. Then open a terminal. The repository is going to be in Jim's home directory. In the terminal type the following:

mkdir -p git/repository
cd git/repository
git --bare init --shared

The repository is now there, but it is not yet accessible from the network.

To make the repository available to the network, type

git daemon --export-all --base-path=/home/jim/git --detach --enable=receive-pack

Each time that the server boots, it is necessary to execute the above command again. It would be easier to put the command in the boot script. Then it will automatically be started after boot.

To test access to the new repository from another computer on the network, type

git ls-remote git://

If everything is fine, no errors will occur.

The repository that was created in this tutorial has the following URL:


The users that are going to use this repository need this URL.