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Version 2.9

31 December 2007.

Subversion was dropped.

The new content manager is git.

Some bugs were fixed.

An option was added to not automatically synchronize the local data with the git repository, but only after manual review.

Improvements in exporting to sword.

Some fatal bugs in the usfm to xsl-fo converter prompted a rewrite for greater robustness.

Pasting text into footnotes was improved.

If a project is closed while other ones are still opening, bibledit no longer crashes.

Some bugs in the formatted editor were resolved, and some improvements were made.

Highlighting of words searched for take a long time in long verses. Measures have been taken so that Bibledit remains responsive during that time.

A regression in copy, paste and undo was fixed.

The user can insert a soft-hyphen character to manually control where words break in the printout.

The status of the project can be set at the verse level.

Produces a project status report.