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Version 1.7

19 May 2006

Automatic XEP installation on Windows got fixed.

New online help and site.

Menu does not scroll away in long help pages.

The online help has search functionality.

The site has Google search functionality.

Unicode conversion uses Glib wrapper for iconv. Raw iconv caused problems on some platforms.

Import USFM uses simplified dialog.

Import USFM allows basic collaboration, and sharing Paratext's books, using symbolic links.

The system log shows which file was opened, and optionally where it links to.

Note can be assigned to "All" projects instead of to "None".

Ctrl-Clicking the references of a note loads them into the Reference Area.

In the Notes Area it can show the project a project note belongs to.

The References Area now has a Quick Reference Area too, to quickly show a reference.

Tools Area can be moved to the right or the left side of the window.

Handles cases where user's home directory has spaces in the name.

Cannot be run as user root.

After exporting a project to a Sword module, it signals BibleTime to reload the modules.

Solved a problem with IE on Windows.

Solved: opening an empty project crashed Bibledit.

Very basic scripting was introduced.

Needs Bibledit Windows Outpost 1.4.

Opens default pdf viewer and html browser on Windows.

Packages for Bibledit are available for Macintosh. Thanks, Steven.

Stylesheets are stored in databases internally for higher speed.