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Version 1.1

2 November 2005

Bugs have been fixed.

Documentation has been released under the GPL instead of GFDL.

USFM 2.03 information has been included with the package.

Startup and shutdown splashscreens give percentage ready.

Progress shows better during formatting documents.

Various improvements in the graphical user interface.

Searching can now also add any results to the existing references.

Some values and settings are stored permanently, and others only during one session of bibledit.

The search functions will not work unless something to look for has been entered.

The Change Log is now on the site and in the online help.

The Search Special functions have been expanded with many more options to find text.

Words entered in search dialogs, and other dialogs, automatically complete based on previously entered values.

All comboboxes have been updated to the newest version.

Ctrl+G, to go to another reference, has been expanded with aided entry of the reference to go to.

Bibledit can follow the same reference as BibleTime shows. Needs BibleTime version 1.5.2 or higher.

Bibledit now utilizes project scripturechecks, see the Check menu.

A versification system can be set in Properties, and is used in the Scripture checks.

Keyboard shortcuts have been added for going to previous/next reference in history.

"Find" and "Find special" are no longer separate, but in one and the same dialog.

Solved a race condition in bi-directional exchange of references between Bibledit and BibleTime.

Bibledit can search in BibleTime modules. Needs BibleTime version 1.5.2 or higher.

Some checks were implemented: Chapters and Verses, Count Markers, Validate Markers.

The checks got a book-selection and options dialog.

Shutting down Bibledit immediately after opening a freshly created project could take more than five minutes because Bibledit was indexing that project. Shutdown is now faster because indexing will be postponed to the next time Bibledit starts.

Creating a new note while a note is being edited no longer discards the current note that is being edited.

Any reference in the reference area can be hidden for the future, so that it won't show up again.

Keyboard shortcuts were added to the book selection dialog, to make selection easier for people who prefer the keyboard rather than the mouse.

It is now able to print books which have the first chapter marker missing.

Bibledit now deals a bit more careful with BibleTime so that BibleTime does no longer crash when it is restarted

Creating templates for books is done much faster.