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Configure source


When installing Bibledit from source, at one stage you run:
If your system has been prepared for bibledit installation, then all should go well. There should be no error messages.

MySQL database

If there is an error regarding the MySQL database, check whether this database has been installed and is running.
If the above is the case, and there is still an error, then it could be related to the password to access the database.
When Bibledit gets configured, it has a default password of "root" for the database root user. On your system the value is probably different.
You can pass the root password of the database to the configure script:
./configure --with-mysql-root-password=mysecret
The above uses password "mysecret".

Web server

Bibledit has been tested with the Apache web server. The ./configure script is capable of finding the web server document root on several distributions. If you like to use a special location for the document root, you can pass that to the ./configure script:
./configure --with-web-document-root=/home/joe/public
The above changes the web server document root for Bibledit to /home/joe/public.