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These installation instructions for Mandriva 2009.0 assume a standard installation of the operating system, though it was not tested on a clean installation. If you find additional dependencies, please edit this page.

Open "Install and Remove Software."

Search for, and tick the following packages: gcc-c++, gtk2-devel=libgtk+2.0_0-devel, sqlite-devel=libsqlite3-devel, libxml2-devel, git-core, libenchant-devel, libgtkhtml-3.14-devel, libcurl-devel, make, patch.

Click Apply. Then click "yes."

Updating the system takes a while to complete. Once all packages are installed, click Quit.

To open a terminal, click "Menu", then "Tools" and then "Terminal."

Install Bibledit from source

Run Bibledit.

Install the optional components.