1 Bibledit


Bibledit-Gtk is a set of tools developed to aid in Bible editing and translation.  It is a full-featured and mature application for doing Bible translation on the desktop as well as on the web.

  • Native USFM text editor, several can be opened at once
  • Project notes editor
  • Chapter and book outline view
  • Resizable and moveable windows
  • Easy application of styles
  • Styles editor
  • Selection and display of project notes by various parameters
  • Online help
  • Backup and restore
  • Import and export
  • Resources display
  • Spelling check
  • Simple or more advanced interface
  • Merge projects.
  • Collaboration through USB drive, or through the Internet
  • Local or remote web application
  • Interfaces to external programs including Xiphos and Bibletime.

Bibledit was designed for a purpose: To give honour to God, and that people get access to the Word of God, and get saved through Jesus Christ.

You are invited to contribute to these pages.