A free and excellent Bible database, which now includes a Gospel synopsis! 

Download Directions

To download the program, click the following link.


Then download and install the ESV version by clicking the following link:


I recommend the old Catholic translation as well, which students can download by clicking the following link:


I also recommend the 1828 Webster dictionary, which students can download by clicking the following link:



There are no Catholic or Orthodox Bible dictionaries or commentaries on the e-Sword web-site. Except for some .top files (which can be created by anyone), e-Sword modules were created by Evangelical or Fundamentalist Protestant theologians. Students must be aware that all information contained in e-Sword dictionaries and commentaries is an interpretation of the Bible from a theological perspective that students and professors may not share.

Moreover, except for the Bible translation ESV, the scholarship in e-Sword modules is severely out-of-date (this is not necessarily true for the .top files that e-Sword users have compiled, or the databases created by our Theology students). For example, the ISBE Bible encyclopedia dates from the early 1900s -- before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls! Students may use e-Sword for word-and-phrase searches, but its dictionaries and commentaries cannot be used in place of the recent scholarship of Bible reference resources held by your school's library.

Why e-Sword?

The primary value of e-Sword  (and the pricey BibleWorks, which is loaded on the PCs in the library) is that it allows students to perform biblical word and phrase searches. These searches are the beginning research for writing Theology papers. For example, a student who is researching the "kingdom of God" in the Bible can quickly perform searches on the word "kingdom" as well as related phrases, such as the Gospel of Matthew's "kingdom of heaven." A student can perform all of the research necessary for a paper on the Bible's sheep/shepherd imagery with a few keystrokes and clicks.

E-Sword also provides the resources for students to discover -- with a simple mouse-over or click -- the pronunciation and basic meaning of the original Greek and Hebrew words of the Bible. Once students install the map and dictionary modules they will have all that they need to begin serious inductive study of the Bible.

Students who appreciate this program are encouraged to donate $5 to the e-Sword organization:

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