Bugs of the 0.1.8 version

  • Escaped caps characters (like \`{E}) n BibLatex files are not imported correctely; they must be modified manually.
  • The citation pattern file must have an extension of any kind to be loaded in the options.
  • Manual p. 13: different authors must be separated by 'and', not by commas.

Bugs of 0.1.7 version (all have been fixed in the 0.1.8 version)

  • Deleted items remain in the file and are exported.
  • BibLatex items are not imported correctly if they are indented with a tab or more than two spaces.

Bugs of 0.1.6 version (all have been fixed in the 0.1.7 version)

  • Error in filter when using the " character.
  • Citation non correct when the author has not a name and a family name separated by comma (e.g. an institution).

Bugs of the 0.1.5 version (all have been fixed in the 0.1.6 version)

  • The "Urldate" entry type do not exist.
  • In the "Replace citation" function, only \cite commands not followed by square brackets are considered.
  • The possible attachments are not exported with "File - Export to BibLatex...".

Bugs of the 0.1.4 version (all have been fixed in the 0.1.5 version)

  • Search of items with "Find" combo box do not consider the last character typed.
  • BibLatex exportation of items with attachments creates a wrong file.
  • Automatically opened files do not modify the list of the last 4 files in the "File" menu.
  • [Windows] Unable to open attachments.

Bugs of the 0.1.3 version (all have been fixed in the 0.1.4 version)

  • In the generation of the Bibtex key, invalid characters (like accented letters) are not converted to allowed ones. This must be done manually by the user.
  • Attachments are not deleted when the corresponding item is deleted.
  • Problems in loading citation patterns.
  • Problema in loading attachments with same name and different extension.
  • [Windows] The compact function does not work.