supporting us

If you are interested in sponsorship, what will help us so much will be £20 for half 
sponsorship or £40 for full sponsorship for each bunny, which will cover a year's vaccinations, via paypal with the "donate" button.


other helpful things to sponsor instead or in addition:
(to convert to US dollar multiply pounds by 1.6)

amounts to donate using the DONATE button above:
Sponsor a bale of hay £5.00
Sponsor a new litter box £5.00
Sponsor a 10 kg bag of Selective food £22.99

vet bills help - any amount will help but these are our coming bills:
Bella's surgery £387.10 plus post op care costs
Lola's spay scheduled spring 2014 (rescued as a baby Nov 2013) £120
Bibble's next dental procedure £100
Luna's spay scheduled late spring 2014  £120
Uther's snip March 20 2014 £100 
a bottle of Metacam £18 (which we buy once a month)

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