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Larger rescues make enough in donations to actually employ staff and pay for all vet care. Small ones like ours pay for everything out of our own pockets and we do all the work ourselves. We do get occasional small donations but every bit even £5, helps us keep doing what we are, to help bunnies.  The closest rescue to us makes enough in donations to support a large staff, have onsite vets, well maintained large buildings, yet they constantly turn bunnies away and then people ring us to go out and rescue bunnies (and birds! Only we will take pet birds in all of East Anglia).

  • Over 150 bunnies rescued since 2010
  • 30+ birds (including a duck) rescued
  • 10 guinea pigs rescued
  • 1 kitten rescued

amounts to donate using the DONATE button above:

21 sanctuary bunnies' vaccinations, £35 each yearly
Sponsor a bale of hay £6.50
Sponsor a 10 kg bag of Selective food £23.00
Sponsor a bottle of Metacam £18.00

vet bills help - any amount will help 

THANK YOU if you have helped us help these beautiful creatures in need

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