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Larger rescues make enough in donations to actually employ staff and pay for all vet care. Small ones like ours pay for everything out of our own pockets and we do all the work ourselves. We do get occasional small donations but every bit however small, helps us keep doing what we are, to help bunnies.  The closest rescue to us makes enough in donations to support a large staff, have onsite vets, well maintained large buildings, yet they constantly turn bunnies away and then people ring us to go out and rescue bunnies (and birds! no one will take pet birds in East Anglia).

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amounts to donate using the DONATE button above:
Gremlin's neuter £75
Sponsor to help with Boris' vet bills, £10 a month (or his entire costs £30 a month)
Sponsor a bale of hay £6.50
Sponsor a new litter box £5.00
Sponsor a 10 kg bag of Selective food £20.00
Sponsor a bottle of Metacam £18.00

vet bills help - any amount will help 
June - August 2015: More vaccinations! 
June: Boris another dental and hay removal from his eye £140  Rupert's extreme stasis treatment £100
April-May 2015: vaccinations for 7 of the sanctuary permanent resident bunnies (Treacle, Jack, Fifi, Dani, Hermine, Levi, Bibble)

February-March 2015 vet bills: new rescues Harlequin lop siblings (4) and additional Harlequin boy from Norfolk

January 2015 vet bills: new rescues Sven, Sprout, Ed, Dexter, Comet neuter and vaccinations

winter 2014-spring 2015 paid (by myself) vet bills:
Harlequin bunnies' neuter and vaccinations x 4
Ed stasis and neuter vet bill £275
Iris spay and vaccination, £104
sick babies, approx £450 
Henry's lump removal and tests, over £300
Alice, Misty and Rose's spays £90 each
Thor, Bruce and Muffin's neuters £75 each
Sept 21 rescued London bunnies vaccinations, £35 each plus visit fee £15 each 
new rescued babies vaccinations, £175.00 (rescued Sept, vaccinations in October 2014)
Boris' dental £110 (every two months)
a bottle of Metacam £18 (which we buy once a month)
THANK YOU if you have helped us help these beautiful creatures in need

 Henry 2012-2015, cancer took you too soon, Little Puppy
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