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innovative outdoor bun housing page 1


2 story "bun condo" with connector tunnel to 6 x 8 x 6 foot run containing a house on stilts
  • the "condo" is composed of a giant rabbit hutch and an ark on top that is securely attached, with a stair put in and an opening cut out of the roof of the giant hutch
  • one side of the giant hutch has been enclosed for privacy and rain proofing
  • the tunnel is composed of wood and welded wire with concrete paving stones for the floor
  • the bunnies have a total floor space of 48 square feet for the run and 40.5 of housing plus 3 s.f. of the tunnel 
  • note the concrete paving stones around the run for fox proofing; the run also has a secure welded wire top attached
  • This is proof that if you do not have loads of money for extending their housing, you can use your creative sense in making "new" places (if you don't mind it being higgeldy-piggelty); the giant rabbit hutch was given to us and the ark was previously used as a "safe place" for the buns to go into if they got spooked when they ran free in the common area; the white plastic weather proofing was the for sale sign when we bought our house. The run was bought for £150 2nd-hand, and is made by Forsham. Fortunately no one on the street can see this Frankenstein looking condo, LOL

at left, view of the tunnel to the "condo" from the run

at left, bunny going through the tunnel

another view of the condo

stairs inside the condo to the upper level, built of wood cladding panels nailed to a wood spine underneath; then wood trim was cut for "steps"; there is a support piece underneath as well that is screwed to the floor of the condo