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three legged bunnies

Cassie was a 3 legged rabbit. You can read her story here. She was spirited and stubborn and being so helped her overcome her handicap. She could move across the floor just as fast as Bibble. She could climb bookcases. She could launch herself onto the sofa with ease and grace. She refused to use any assistance such as a bridge or pillow getting in and out of the litter box.
The shelter we adopted her from wanted her to be a house rabbit, which was what we could provide. It worked out very well for Cassie and for us, because she was a wonderful creature to share our life with, and we took very good care of her. 
However, her back would get tired as well as could not reach her bottom, so I made her special beds, donut shaped cushions that she could lay across and rest her back. They also help her reach her bottom somewhat to eat her caecotrophs. Sometimes she could not get them and I had to wash her bottom for her. 
Cassie could not clean the ear on the amputated-leg side of her body, so I cleaned that for her. I used ear buds (cotton Q tips). Her vet showed me how to do it - I gently inserted the ear bud and scraped it along her hear. I did not stick it down into the smaller bits of her ear. The wax came out very easily and she wiggled her face as I did it; I imagine it must have tickled. Afterwards I wet another ear bud on the tip and wiped it along inside to make sure I did not leave any wax behind. If you are going to do this, you really should get your vet to show you how.
Cassie also needed back scratches and I usually gave her a good scratching every evening. I also gave her gentle massages along her spine and shoulders. I have a friend who had a 3 legged rabbit who sent her to acupuncture and swore by its being helpful. 
I found that plain warm water would loosen any dried on debris and enabled me to pull it gently off with ease. When bathing I never submerged her in water, but put about two inches of tepid (lukewarm) water in the bathroom sink and supported her with my hand beneath her tummy while her bottom soaked in the water.
It is important for as long as possible, to keep a 3 legged bunny as independent and comfortable as possible, and provide a living environment (free range in a room/rooms with plenty of rugs or carpet so they can have good traction, low profile litter box, comfortable beds) that is healthy for them. 
 A planting tray made a great litter box for Cassie as the front was very low and she could scoot in and out. When she got older her spine became twisted and she had trouble negotiating unlevel surfaces or getting in and out of a regular litter box.
Cassie would not accept any prosthesis or wheelchair, but you can order a custom made wheelchair for tripods from as well as other walking aids in order to help keep their spine straight. Just bear in mind they shouldn't be in it all day but for outings and exercise indoors or out and always supervise them when using it.

 Cassie lovedher daddy, and was always wanting cuddles from him.