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special needs bunnies

Cassie is a 3 legged rabbit. You can read her story here. She is spirited and stubborn and being so helps her overcome her handicap. She can move across the floor just as fast as Bibble. She can climb bookcases. She can launch herself onto the sofa with ease and grace. She refuses to use any assistance such as a bridge or pillow getting in and out of the litter box.
The shelter we adopted her from wanted her to be a house rabbit, which was what we could provide. It worked out very well for Cassie and for us, because she is a wonderful creature to share our life with, and we take very good care of her. (worked out well for Bibble too)
However, she suffers from back pain, so I make her what we call "ugli donuts", donut shaped cushions that she can lay across and rest her back. They also help her reach her bottom somewhat to eat her caecotrophs. Sometimes she can not get them and I have to wash her bottom for her. I have found that warm water will loosen any dried on debris and enable me to pull it gently off with ease. 
Cassie can not clean the ear on the amputated-leg side of her body, so I clean that for her. I use ear buds (cotton Q tips). Her vet showed me how to do it - I gently insert the ear bud and scrape it along her hear. I do not stick it down into the smaller bits of her ear. The wax comes out very easily and she wiggles her face as I do it; I imagine it must tickle. Afterwards I wet another ear bud on the tip and wipe it along inside to make sure I did not leave any wax behind. If you are going to do this, you really should get your vet to show you how.
Cassie also needs back scratches and I usually give her a good scratching every evening. I also give her gentle massages along her spine and shoulders. I have a friend who had a 3 legged rabbit who sent her to acupuncture and swore by its being helpful. How interesting!
There are other kinds of special needs in buns. Some get tooth issues - usually from poor diet before they were rehomed - and their food has to be ground up. Some teeth have to be shortened regularly by the vet. My husband's sister adopted a rescued giant bunny who needs that done. (such a sweet gentle rabbit, and so intelligent) I have a friend with some rescued Rex buns who get sore hocks pretty often in the winter. And there are more issues, as there are with all animals.
Cassie napping in the sunlight