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proof buns love to run & jump (and need space to do it!)

above:  the fabulous Saige Da Bun zooming down his hallway, headlights on!

above: left, Milo binking from joy at being free of life in a tiny hutch;  right, Milo zooming through the house 2 months later and healthy
Any of these photos out of focus? yes - because it's difficult to photograph something moving so fast! But what joy there is in it.

above: Albus, showing what heights bunnies can clear and what joy in jumping and running looks like

above: a friend's bunny, Max, a Blue Otter Netherland Dwarf, in top form (and top speed)

Max, airborne!!!

above: More Milo running, with Frida running in the other direction; right, Rupert and Fifi zooming around the play area outside.

above: left, Shale leaping over the bottom of the parrot cage; right, Burgess speeding down a ramp.

Bibble in motion, jumping over a chew stick

our Ffiona, showing us how it's done


Left, Levi Roots in action