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home made toys

seagrass placemats from Ikea at 99p each make great chew toys (this one used to be 32 cm wide)

(left photo) A roll of cardboard tied with cotton string (I simply tore a cardboard box into strips) is a favourite chew toy plus fun to push and roll around the room.

Blankets, soft toys and pillows are fun for exploring and pushing around; some buns have their own little blanket which they put where they want. For one of our house rabbits, it's an old jumper of mine.

A wicker basket provides hours of entertainment and chewing (only use natural ones - not painted or varnished); note the offcut of pine wood for chewing in the background, which discourages chewing of wood furniture already in the room.

other home made toys:

  • empty loo and kitchen towel rolls
  • empty loo rolls stuffed with hay
  • small, dried out apple tree branches (note: some trees are poisonous, check links for house rabbit society on which to use)
  • empty plastic flower pots