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Companionship and Toys


Rabbits need companionship. Whether it is you or another bunny, or even a cat (I have a friend who has a cat and a rabbit living in her house and they get on just fine.) but some cats will kill rabbits. However, my husband had two house rabbits and a cat in the past who all got on. Dogs are another story - I am not knowledgeable on this but I know of someone who bought a Whippet and she already had two rabbits. Not long after she awoke to find one of the rabbits was dead. If you have a dog and want a rabbit, I recommend you do your research.

Most rabbits would like a companion who is a rabbit and the best case would be a spayed female and a neutered male. Bonding is tricky many times and not all rabbits will like each other. Bonding needs to be done under strict human supervision. You can not just put two rabbits together and think they will sort things out. Click on the links from the House Rabbit Society or the Rabbit Welfare Association for more information. If you do plan on keeping your bun single, you must give it some time each day as you would any animal you live with or it will be very lonely. They really do respond to us and look forward to time with us. Bibble runs to me, ears flapping, when I come home from work. The buns outside run up to us, happy to see us, and most bunnies accept head rubs. Some leap and show off first thing in the morning when I go out to feed them.


Rabbits need toys just like any of us do.  They also need things to chew. You do not need to spend a lot of money and many things are free like empty loo rolls and cardboard for chewing. Some things are poisonous to rabbits so do not assume all paper is okay to give them to chew. We buy ours willow sticks and balls and apple sticks. Some bunnies like to roll balls and one of ours has a mini football to play with. Single buns especially need toys to entertain them when you are at work. 

You can make a bun house for inside out of a cardboard box by cutting out doors (make two) or you can buy one online. I have bought the Chube but honestly, it was a waste of money as they do not really use it except for chewing up - which unbleached clean cardboard or empty loo rolls will provide for free. Bunnies love a tunnel, ours have the plastic green tunnels and also the bigger nylon one for Herman, the giant.

Shale plays with a rock, pushing it about the room. Bunnies, like cats, will play with just about anything.
Fifi playing with a plastic cup. She carried it around and tossed it for hours.


baby Bibble and his friend, the duck

Bibble and Cassie loved each other and were usually side by side, even when eating.

Cassie loved to snuggle with Masha.

Milo and his soft stuffy ball

the Carrot Patch toy, made of straw, and a favourite of our Cassie

 Herman plays with a willow ball, this one purchased from the Rabbit Welfare Assoc & Fund. 

single buns do well with a plush animal for snugglingsingle buns do well with a plush stuffy for snuggling