What price beauty?

Everything we do matters. As a consumer (someone who buys stuff), our choices are powerful messages to the companies who make money from what we buy. Products tested on animals and containing animal based ingredients cause suffering and death to animals like rabbits. I have not used products tested on animals for a very long time, and as soon as I was aware of animal testing I switched to non tested products.
Everything from shampoo, soap, mascara, hair colour and even moisturisers are tested on animals. Do you know how they test them? It is unimaginable the practices done on these poor creatures who are kept in small cages and used this way until they die. Animal ingredients range from fats to scent glands. Even perfumes can contain animal ingredients.  If you love animals, make the choice to stop using anything tested on animals or containing animal ingredients.
Another issue: Fur. Why would any one wear fur? I shudder every time I see someone wearing it (always women!).
Not surprisingly, large corporations like Johnson and Johnson and Unilever test on animals. There are so many alternatives the switch is easy. The labels on the bottles will tell you whether or not they do test.

  • Surprise, surprise: Aveeno is made by Johnson and Johnson and thus, tested on animals.
  • L'Oreal tests on animals even though they are supposed to be covered by the EU ban on animal testing on cosmetic type products; they farm it out to other companies. Redken, Lancome, and Ralph Lauren beauty products are made by L'Oreal.
  • Max Factor still testing on animals!!! Revlon stopped in 1989.
Why use products tested on animals when there are so many good alternatives? It's not like you have to stop using cosmetics. Good High Street brands: Burt's Bees, the Body Shop, Barry M cosmetics, and Bourjois Paris are affordable, stylish, and good quality. Items sold under the Waitrose, Sainsbury's or Superdrug name have not been tested on animals, and The Body Shop makes a good range of anti ageing creams. High Street shop products I recommend:
Etsy (online craft superstore) group that contains body, bath and beauty products that are hand made and cruelty free: