Help Lagomorphs worldwide

Lagomorphs are rabbits, hares, and pikas (Leporidae are the rabbits and hares). 

please read What price beauty?

Here in the UK, both rabbits and hares need our help. Here are some organisations who do help them and are worth your time and assistance:

The Asylum for Rabbits (the only rescue org in Poland)
Compassion in World Farming (though I am horrified by rabbits being farmed as food and fur)

Standards in the UK need to improve. The current standards are for rabbit battery farming for meat or fur. Is this what a country who believes it is full of animal lovers use as a standard for their pets? Rabbits need to be reclassified as pets along with cats and dogs. This is the first step to giving them more protection. Write letters and emails to your MPs, support the RWAF. Do your bit to facilitate this desperately needed change.

I created a petition to facilitate this change, that was sent to selected MPs. Each time someone signed it, they were sent a copy of the letter. Here is hoping. And I am not done with this effort. 

watch a moving short film about hares from the Humane Society International here

Cassie lost a leg due to neglect from before she was rescued.
Gorsky is blind due to neglect. 

Milagro has no front teeth due to inbreeding, was suffering from terrible neglect and would have died a terrible slow death had we not rescued him. Change the law.