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Vuvuzella was our third and we rescued her. This was the first time I got to see a truly neglected rabbit in person. I saw an advert on gumtree for a rabbit cage for £25 "rabbit thrown in for free, leaving the country tomorrow". It was July of last year, quite hot weather. My husband and I rushed over after work...she was in a tiny cage in the dark in a shed, with ferrets in cages nearby. Flies swarmed her and her dirty small water bowl. She had no fresh hay or straw. Faeces were everywhere. She had never seen sunlight. I scooped her up, not caring if she bit me (she never has) and in the carrier on the way home, she was calm and watching as if she knew, she had been saved. She was only 3 months old (the man who had her said she was a year old - and he said she was male). We had a big fox proof outdoor run so we put her in it and she immediately ran and leapt through the air and wolfed down grass like she had lived outside and knew nothing else. 

We struggled over what to name this amazingly adorable baby bunny. But it was just after the footie time and there was a story on the BBC that morning about vuvuzelas being banned because of their noise. We looked at each other and just knew. We added an "L" to make it feminine. Her nickname is "Little Mouse" because when she was a baby she loved to hide inside things and stick her nose out - thus appearing like a mouse. She was a tiny baby but now she is a large sized bun with massive ears and feet. She is very hare like We suppose either she is part Belgian Hare (not a true hare but a rabbit bred to appear like a hare) and part something else. She is able to jump over a meter high effortlessly and has reached heights of nearly one and a half meters. She can eat shoes, carpeting, clothing made of wool, silk, even Polarfleece, and of course, wood flooring and cotton curtains with no tummy issues. This presented quite a challenge as she was a house rabbit, even with rabbit proofing the rooms. Thus once she reached her full size the move to the biggest outside run we have with a very large house of seven feet long was inevitable. 

Vuvu's serene beauty

In September 2015, beautiful Vuvu passed away suddenly.
Goodbye beautiful girl, you are missed.


She is a sweet, gentle and skittish creature. I feel very fortunate to be able to know her and stroke her head when she allows me to.
I knew I had to do something to help this problem after seeing Vuvu's living conditions and the thought that she was disposable by this person who had her before we took her to live with us. Thus with Vuvu, the idea of having a sanctuary was born.

Vuvu is bonded with little Max, a Netherland Dwarf. It was love at first sight for them, and there was no fighting between them from day 1.