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Shale the Zen Bunny

Shale's story is similar to Burgess', but after her spay she took a long time to recover. She refused to eat and had to be force fed for days. She also seemed to suffer the pain more and lay there looking very pathetic. This led to her being moved into the den of our house where we could keep a very close eye on her all the time. 

After she recovered, she was quite settled inside as well as had decided my husband is her human of choice (he has been taken with her since she came here as a baby; the first day she was here we had to bathe her because she had filth stuck all over her bottom half and he was the one who did it - and that probably made her love him more, which is very sweet) and so there she stayed. We had intended to adopt her out to someone who was interested in bonding her with a single male house rabbit. However, this will not happen now that she is so beloved here.

Shale is helping with the filing.

May 28 2011: Shale is bonded with Herman!

Very sadly, Herman passed away from cancer in April 2013. He was the ripe age of seven, a good old age for giants to live to.

She missed Herman so much and was very sad. 

However, in June 2013, Shale successfully bonded with Henry. Henry passed away in 2015 from terminal cancer at the young age of three. But a few months later, Shale bonded with Bruce and they are very much in love.