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Milagro, the miracle bunny

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Milo was directly rescued by us on August 19, 2011, from people who fancied breeding but did not know what they were doing.  He lived all his life so far in a small hutch with loads of other bunnies. He had very poor front teeth and drooled as a result, was missing fur, had dreads on his back and bottom, and was quite thin. 
But he is a survivor, full of love, and allowed us to hold and snuggle him within days of bringing him here. 

It is very upsetting that people get bunnies and do not take good care of them. He is a very good example of what can happen to those bunnies.

Along with Milo we rescued four other bunnies from those people and hopefully have convinced them not to have rabbits ever again. Astoundingly the man considers himself an expert on rabbits. One of Milo's family members was so emaciated he could barely hold himself up and it took two gentle soaking baths with warm water for me to remove all the faeces from his body. We happily have kept his son, Maus (originally thought to be his brother), who we were fostering, but Maus and Coffee showed mutual interest and soon formed a successful bond.

  first bink! such a look of concentration!

above: 4 days after rescuing, we put him in a small fenced in play area and he binked for the first time! 

What a treasure he is. So sweet natured and loving.You can tell he is already doing better if you compare the above two photos with the top picture.

I was worried he would not make it but he is a survivor and was strong and healthy within a month. 
His front teeth removed, he can chew with his back teeth and even eat hay. By month 2 he was cleaning himself very well and adjusting to being a house rabbit. He is very comforted by the prescence of my husband and loved to sit on him when we had him in the living room, as you can see from the photos (my legs and feet are in the photo on right but my husband is wearing the orange t shirt).


Three months after rescuing him, he bonded with Frida and now has a happy, healthy, safe life, never to be locked in a small, dirty cage again.

   “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  Gandhi

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