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Maximillion the Little Big Man

Max came to us in the late fall of 2010. He was unwanted and had spent the first year of his life in a small outdoor run with no fox proofing, which means, no roof on the run, nothing to keep a fox from digging underneath. And no proper rabbit food - no hay, no pellets. He ate whatever the man who had him would pull up from the garden. Max lived with a female of the same breed (Netherland Dwarf) who was inevitably killed by a fox. When the fox captured Max, he escaped and lived wild in neighbours' gardens until months later, one of them managed to catch him and return him to the man.  The man reported the rabbit was "grumpy". No doubt - he was again sitting in that run waiting to be killed by a fox. Alone and lonely.
From the first day I brought him home, Vuvuzella and Max wanted to be together. We had him in her room in the house with a fence between them.

You are not supposed to immediately throw two rabbits together and expect them to get on. Rabbits are territorial. But it was obvious they were pining to be together so we took down the fence. There was no chasing, no fur flying. Instant automatic adoration and gentleness. This with Max unsnipped! (We had gotten Vuvu snipped the month before)
Max was so excited to have good food that for months when I filled the food bowl he would make squeaking guinea pig sounds of pleasure while he ate. His favourites are fresh kale and carrot peelings.
Max is of course snipped now and has all his jabs. He is amazingly healthy and has never had a bad tummy.

As Vuvu grew bigger, their appearance together became a bit comical - Max the wee man and Vuvu his long legged big eared supermodel. They are both full of energy and love to run. They were house rabbits for a  long time but as of spring of 2011, they are outside in our biggest run. They spend hours lounging in the hay on the floor of their run or sleeping in the loft (which had to have stairs for Max, but Vuvu can leap right up there). Also in the early morning they race around in great circles. When they did this upstairs in the house it sounded like we had horses living up there.  
Their complete and utter devotion to each other is very touching. 

I give Max great credit to his heart being so big that he would instantly open it to Vuvu and to us. He has never been narky, has never bitten either of us, and his personality is so much bigger than his wee little body. He never fusses or struggles when we clip his nails or give him his dewormer. He is very vocal and will follow Vuvu around making soft gentle grunty hedgehog noises. He loves to have his head rubbed and will even sit in my lap if I am on the floor and he is in the mood. I am so lucky to have him - and he is very fortunate the man who did have him had found me to take him in.
Max when we first brought him home, learning to be house trained.

Oct 2012: Max and Vuvu have a new shed house! (with a run attached)