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We rescued 3 month old Maus with his brother, Milagro, August 2011 (and their entire family March - August). They were in abhorrent conditions, possibly some of the worst I have seen. The people had divided small hutches in half with males on one side and females on another, 3 to 4 rabbits on each side, with 1 and 1/2 by 2 feet of space for each group. 
Maus is the healthiest of the bunnies from that rescue event. 
When two days after we took him home we put him in the play area to explore, he delighted us with a lot of running and jumping with joy. He is now in the run with Coffee, which we have divided until they get used to each other, and maybe we can bond them.


August 24: Maus and Coffee bonding! 

September 2011: bonded and in love!