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Levi with the L shaped ears

I bought Levi on May 11, 2011 from a garden centre. I prefer not to support the selling of rabbits in garden centres and pet shops, but this little guy looked so sad and lonesome, and all on his own. There were messy poos in the cage and flies were flying around, a dangerous combination because of fly strike (see the rabbit health page). 

I worried about him for days. I saw him the end of the week and went in after work, after struggling with my conscience, and bought him. 
He is bright and energetic, which is a very good sign. He is very interested in all the bunnies around him. For now he and Coffee can visit through a fence. Coffee is a very sweet rabbit and she will welcome the companionship, even if through a fence. Surely we can bond the new guy with one of our single females once he has been snipped. He is mixed breed, obviously part Lop. My husband named him after the guy who invented Reggae Reggae sauce. Also his ears form an L, with one up and one down.

After five das with us and better food, fresh air and plenty of hay, the messy poos are gone and he's been to the vet and had his first vaccine. He is running and playing, and healthy!

2 photos above, June 2011: Levi at 3 months. Can you imagine a bunny living in a small hutch and being denied this fun? Look at him run!

June 12 2011: Levi is bonded with Burgess! They chose each other...how precious they are together.