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Jack did not even have a name when he and his brother Henry arrived in March 2012, age 4 to 5 months, and were filthy and quite skinny (they were only fed bamboo!!!). They had obviously been forced to live together despite fighting each other and both have scars, especially Jack on his ears with bits missing on the edges of both. How could any one not love these beautiful boys?
At first we had them both outside in a divided run but Jack was able to figure out how to climb a four foot tall barrier to get to Henry so we had to leave Jack in the run and we put Henry in the house, his being the quieter and more gentle of the two. 

I spent time every day with Jack outside but it was not enough, he was obviously desperately lonely, so we put him in the house as well as soon as he had his snip. The boys both snipped still could not get on. This presented a problem because we were running out of room in the house at the expense of the other house rabbits' spaces. 

Eventually we put Burgess and Levi in the big run that Jack was staying in before, and Jack in the kitchen. What a lot of work it was! Every time we move buns in the house we have to hoover and mop so we can avoid their marking the room (they will usually mark with poos where they smell the other bunnies). New special gates because Jack could figure out how to open/climb any gate we had. Eventually he settled into the kitchen and what a delight.

Jack has been the source of great entertainment and comedy for us since moving into the house. He has a voracious appetite and hoovers up food like a champ. He is happy to follow us around like a puppy and receive head rubs. 

He is really growing now he has a healthy diet and lots of space and will be a good sized rabbit when fully grown. He is a very friendly boy and often plays with his toys. We call him "Little Puppy" because of his puppy-like personality and antics. He has a big Golden Retriever dog stuffy who he sleeps next to.

June 1, 2012: Jack is bonded with Ffiona!

After her spay, Fifi did not recover for 11 days and being in the house, she met Jack. Rupert would not accept her after she had been away from him and Jack was keen to bond with her, so we allowed this to happen on its own, and now they are very happy together. Jack is more suitable for her anyway, he is a very loving boy and attentive to her needs and wishes.