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Herman the German

~~~ Herman left this life in April 2013. He died from cancer. He passed away peacefully in my arms. We will miss him forever, big sweet precious boy. ~~~

Here is his story:

Herman is a German Lop. He is a big boy, and so very sweet natured and even tempered. He loves to have his head rubbed. Herman has joined us on May 19, 2011. He was unwanted but the people who had him did want to make sure he went to a good home.

Herman did not eat or poo the first night. I was very worried. The next morning no poos. No food eaten. The people had told me he lived in their garden loose (which is not safe) but that they fed him food. I had asked about hay and they said they fed him that too but when they dropped him off, the hay and food were both brand new bags. Which means, he was left to his own resources. And the ironic thing is they did not want him because he was "eating the garden plants". This is all he had to eat. Of course he was eating them!

Herman was underweight when he came to us. Despite his big head and powerful legs, you could actually feel all his ribs if you put your hands on his sides. He is very friendly. He lopes over when we come into the kitchen. He is also playful and will push the box I put in the kitchen for him to get inside of around. Shale is very interested in Herman. Herman had never been around another bun for all his life, so he spent the first evening here thumping the floor at her as he could see her through the gate.

How very sad that Herman was basically just left outside in the garden to figure everything out. A fox could have come and taken him at any time, or he could have gotten sick and died, and now we have a drought, and he could have become dehydrated. People do not seem to understand to have a "pet" is to be responsible for a life. 

I am very glad he is here with us now.

Update May 28 2011:

Herman is bonded with Shale! They make a very loving couple.


Herman is a lovable boy and provides us with many humorous moments.