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Henry Morgan

March 18 2012: Jack and Henry did not even have a name when they arrived and were filthy and quite skinny. How could any one not love these two beautiful boys? They were four months old and had been fighting since they were unsnipped.


Update April 8 2012: Both have recovered from their snips now and are only needing their VHD jabs which they will soon receive. Henry had a hard time with it and got himself infected from chewing his stitches and had to be on medicine for a week and force fed for 3 days. It was a worrisome time.
He  has blue eyes, is now a house rabbit and has turned out to be quite comfortable interacting with people, napping on cushions and very litter box savvy. He loves to eat hay and fresh greens. He is the smaller of the two, a sweet, quiet, and gentle boy. He is sensitive and so will stay with us instead of being adopted out. His brother is still up for adoption but we have not found a suitable home for him yet.

June 2013: Henry and Shale have bonded!

April 2015: Our Little Puppy Henry passed away from terminal cancer.