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Frida, the 12th bunny

Frida was rescued from hoarders who had dozens of cats and 13 rabbits, by a charity, but they had not a place to take Frida and she would have been euthanised. A woman who has cats took her in but it was not working out, so we took her in.

Now that she lives with us she is happy as a house rabbit.  Given time, she is now healthy and her fur reflects that. 
She has lain in the bed with us and happily let us stroke her head and back. What an amazing creature she is, to figure out within a few days she is now safe and loved. She has been bonding with our new Milagro. She is very clever and is always figuring out how to do things on her own. She loves to sit in my lap and runs to me for a head rub when I get home from work.

Beautiful Frida bonded successfully with Milo in October 2011!

Frida is very special to me. She always comes to me and wants a head rub and even is very open to my picking her up and holding her. She is a very clever girl and has a lot of attitude.


Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
Anatole France