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Gorsky and Dani California


Gorsky left this life in July 2014. Big Stuffy boy, you are missed.
Beautiful gentle bunnies, they came to live with us in late May 2012. Gorsky has an old eye wound that has hampered his vision, but is being treated and healing very well so far. However, he is blind in that eye, so special accommodation in their run had to be made. They have a strong bond and are very loving to each other.
As of June 2014, Gorsky and Dani were moved inside to live as house bunnies because Gorsky developed arthritis and needs daily medication.



Gorsky is half Flemish Giant and Dani is a proper English Spot.
Look at them run and play, enjoying plenty of space and exercise.

Gorsky is full of love, and so nonjudgemental. Dani has a strong and lively personality.

In Spring 2014 Gorsky and Dani moved inside our house as Gorsky became poorly. He passed away in July.