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Ffiona (Fifi Lapin)

She is a real cutie, and her fur is very soft. 

Fifi's recovery from her spay was the worst ordeal we have had with that so far. It took two weeks to nurse her back to health as she would not eat and needed constant sometimes daily vet care. Her being kept inside the house for this duration caused her bond with Rupert to be broken. However, our Jack, who was up for adoption, showed a massive interest in the small grey beauty in the bootroom who he could catch glimpses of when we opened the door. Eventually we put a wire gate between them and their bond began. After only two in-person dates they successfully bonded. During this period we had already decided we would keep Jack with us since the only people who had responded to the advert to adopt him either wanted to stick him in a small hutch with no run, or let him run wild in their garden without protection from predators or escaping. 
guardians of the boot room
Fifi leaping with joy, the first day she came to us. No longer shut in a small cage with loads of other rabbits. Her first opp to run and jump and she has taken it.


May 31 2012: bonding session with Jack: first kiss!

Fifi and Jack live as bonded house bunnies