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Coffee Bean

Coffee left this life July 5, 2014. We will miss her forever. Her story:

 Little Coffee was no longer wanted where she lived. And where she lived was in a small hutch with other rabbits, with rubbish food to eat and had never been to a vet. She came to us with a partner, Tea, who we had to have put to sleep because he was so very ill and could not be saved. He had had an infection which had never been treated, and had formed blasts inside his body which were waiting to erupt as well as making it so his food never got digested. I was very, very sad to lose him and spent £400 on vet care trying to save him. So little Coffee ended up a widow and was very sad too. I had to force feed her for a day until she started eating on her own again. She was living in the kitchen so I could keep an eye on her.

But despite being used as a breeder and then losing her little man, she was sweet from the first day and would allow me to rub her head and back. Soon I moved her outside to a run and bought her the poshest house I could buy. She deserves it.
She is the smallest rabbit I have ever seen - a Netherland Dwarf but about as big as a guinea pig. She is very clever and learned to use the ramp we built for her house within a couple of days. She loves fresh greens and napping where she can see all the rabbits. She is a peacemaker and never incites trouble when she is in the common area.

When I took Coffee and Tea in, I decided I would foster them back to health and then adopt them out to another home. But after Tea died and she was so sad, my heart went out to her and I decided to keep her here so I knew she would have the best life possible.

Spring 2013: Coffee developed severe arthritis of the pelvis. She has daily medication to help her and with that has been able to overcome enough of the pain to move around and be happy.

Summer 2013: We have moved Coffee and Maus inside the house so she can receive more attention from us for her disease.
above, and right, Winter 2014, Coffee and Maus as happy house bunnies; Coffee loves to sunbathe in the window so she has special ramps to help her get up and down from it.
Little Coffee passed from this life in July 2014.

August 24 2011: Coffee and Maus bonding! By the next day, they bonded for good. We are so happy for her. Maus was rescued by us August 19, 2011 and they live together in a run with a house, climbing platforms and an upper level conservatory.

Feb 2012 brought the first real snow to our area. Maus was out and about in it, but Coffee elected to go back into her house after some moments of showing us her disapproval.