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Cassie the 3-legged rabbit

Cassie honoured us with her presence for three wonderful years. She left this world October 28, 2012. The bravest, most spirited creature I have ever known.

About nine months after getting Bibble (named by our Timney Grey parrot), we adopted Cassie from Woodgreen. Cassie had 3 legs, and she lost one because they had to amputate it. 

Cassie's leg was crushed and they (the original people who had her) did not want to deal with it. Her leg stayed broken so long it was not an option to heal it. She was a very young baby, so at Woodgreen they made the choice to amputate it. Being so young, would give her the chance to learn to live with the three legs.
When we first saw her, she was tunnelling through mounds of hay in her area at Woodgreen (they do not put their buns in cages and instead in walled areas). Her head appeared above a bale of hay, her Alsatian - coloured Lionhead bush of a head with hay stuck to it, teddy bear ears up and at attention. Her quick mind and feisty spirit were immediately apparent. That was it for us - love at first sight. They adored her at Woodgreen and still email me to see how she is doing. The day we took her away with us, one of the small animal caretakers followed us out and stated she is "very special".
Her exotic beauty, quick temper and sweet loving nature endeared her so much to us. She was always up for a snuggle with us and she preferred my husband to my company - which was adorable to me. She was full of queenly attitude and loved to sleep on soft pillows. I made her what we call "ugli donuts" where she can rest her back. She lived in the house bonded with Bibble. 
Cassie took to be a house rabbit immediately, and even with her 3 legs she uses the litter box as she should. 
It was Cassie's plight which enlightened me about the fate of so many rabbits. Unwanted, neglected

Jan 2010, at Woodgreen (left)

Cassie and Bibble meet for the 1st time through a fence in our house (below)

asleep in the ugli donut

playing on the bed with me