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Burgess the Princess

Burgess and her sister Shale were brought here as wee babies in January 2011. Burgess was so small and she had the least chance of surviving. Shale was so timid and frightened. 
Burgess and her sister lived outside in the big run for many months. They got on very well and played so happily together and slept next to each other. Shale was always quick to run up to us when we opened the door and Burgess wanted nothing to do with us and would run off shaking her head. 

Then one day Burgess' hormones kicked in and she decided she wanted the run and the food to herself, so we had to separate them. In doing so we took them to be spayed. They were just at the age where it could be considered - four months.  After surgery they had to be in the house and during this period, Burgess and I bonded. She was in pain from her surgery, and the 2nd morning when I woke and went to check on the girls, I discovered she had had a sick tummy during the night and had gotten it all over herself and the house cage. I cleaned her in my lap gently with a damp cloth (I could not wash her in the sink due to her stitches) and changed the bedding of the cage. As she sat in my lap she looked up at me with her big eyes, and I stroked her head. She licked my hand softly three times. 

For two months, she lived in our bedroom. She was very tidy and very good at using the litter box, never a mishap. She loved to bounce all over the bed when we got in it at night. Our bedroom is quite large and she had lots of space to run and play. She often woke me in the morning with licks or whiskers in my face.  She also had the smallish outdoor run where she can go and be safe when she gets bored and wants to visit the other rabbits.

This is what led to her meeting Levi, and their choosing each other. I had thought she would be unbondable as she would fight with any other rabbit but no fighting with them ever. Now she lives outside with him and together they always are found, sleeping or digging holes.

Their antics constantly amuse us.

Below: Burgess and Levi asleep inside their house on a hot day. The milk container is full of frozen water to keep them cool.