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Bibble the Grand Poo-Pah

Bibble came into my life in Spring 2009. Bibble is my Pooh Bear. He was my first bunny. My husband bought him from a garden centre for me and presented me with this tiny creature of fur and feet. I knew nothing about rabbits so I bought books...the books I bought were rubbish. My husband had had house rabbits before so he knew many things like how to rabbit proof rooms and such. I was feeding him what I thought was good for him but that turned out to be rubbish as well. So I had to make the switch to Burgess pellets, fresh veg and of course hay. 

Bibble is a Minilop, which means he is a "little powerhouse"...he is very strong and has moved a metal two drawer filing cabinet full of paper and files with his head. Although, at adulthood he is not little at all. He is a big boy and full of love. He is very attached to me and I to him. He taught me many things about bunnies, like they do not like to be picked up, or their tummies touched, but they do love their heads and backs stroked and especially their ears. Bibble has very thick fur and has several moults a year, a very messy affair. He also suffers in the heat and needs a fan running all day and night when it is hot. 

Bibble was sold to us too young, said the vet. Fortunately he adjusted to being with us just fine since we are responsible people and give him lots of love and attention. He is the first and last rabbit we purchased at a garden centre (with one exception). I soon learned of so many rabbits' unfortunate plight in the UK (and the USA) and was determined to get Bibble a companion from a shelter and never again support this selling of them at garden centres, pet shops and from breeders.

This is what led to our adoption of Cassie

Heartbreakingly, Cassie passed away three years later.

But then we took in Treacle, who reminds us so much of her, and she bonded with Bibble easily.

baby Bibblenapping is a favourite past time for Bibble
Bibble is full of love and enjoys being a house rabbit