Find a Bunny

we rehome all over the UK, email us at if interested or on facebook

There really is no need to buy a rabbit from a pet shop or a garden centre, and in doing so you will be supporting breeders who do not always treat them well (there are so many horror stories about breeders - think about it - they are doing it for the money so maximum rabbits from minimum cost for them). There are thousands of rabbits abandoned each year to shelters, or rescued from awful conditions. They will make wonderful companions and we have 2 shelter buns ourselves, Rupert and Cassie.

Half of all pet rabbits are abandoned after only three months and more than 60,000 rabbits end up in rescue centres every year. These rabbits deserve a chance to have a decent life. Also there are people like us who take in unwanted rabbits and some rehome them. Check out Rabbit Rehome in the UK for these people (as well as shelters). They have a nifty search engine which allows you to select age, breed, gender, bonded, and area. Bunspace and Petfinder have adoptable rabbits in the USA.