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Mission Statement:   BIB seeks to bring people together over the Internet by removing obstacles, filling gaps and adding equipment and channels for communication.   See our slideshow.

Building International Bridges (BIB) is a non-profit organization that informs, educates & familiarizes our non-traveling global neighbors with other people and cultures worldwide. We facilitate direct communication between individuals via the latest popular technology and social media including but not limited to Skype, Facebook, Orkut, etc. Sixty percent of U.S. residents don’t have a passport so BIB helps them cross borders through the Internet.

INFORMATION:  BIB fills gaps in knowledge and friendship not provided by impersonal media, promoting better relations through understanding of foreign cultures. Ask for our free CDs and DVDs that we distribute in countries that lack unfettered public access to Youtube.

PERSON TO PERSON CONTACTS:   We actively seek out mature, polite interested teens and adults from other countries to communicate with U.S. teens and adults.  As part of BIB’s ongoing process, qualified participants are trained and certified for international “penpal” lists.

LOCAL EXPERTS:  Our efforts strive to lower cultural barriers through contact and education. We remove obstacles to communication. We don’t send used computers to Kenya, but we pay for the guy to collect the used computers from businesses and embassies (and arrange for ebooks to be loaded on those computers) and then distribute those computers to villages.  We pay education fees in Kenya, helping students there learn about other cultures.  We don't pay to send experts to Africa, but we support charities that have programs already operating "over there."  

100-PERCENT "PASS THROUGH":  Your tax-deductible donation will be greatly appreciated by enabling us to continue this work.  A donation to the "Dedicated Funds" (restricted for services in the field) will be 100% delivered to the targeted charities.   A gift to the "unrestricted fund" (for general expenses) will cover bank wire fees, office expenses, marketing, website and administrative costs (accounting, filing and maintaining the 501(c)(3) status with the IRS).

We have several DEDICATED funds (which allow your donation to pass through directly to programs) and the UNRESTRICTED fund (which pays for administrative costs).

Suggestions to guide your support

$40 pays for one month of school fees for a student in Kenya (Gordon Dyke Education Fund)

$5 pays for five audio CDs and DVDs, plus training (links to video recorded workshops for schools)

$25 pays for one "friend" of a school in England (QBE Education Fund, looking for 10,000 friends to expand the school)

$70 pays for 10% of a Skype phone booth (Brooks Emeny Video Phone Fund

$30 pays for support of one-tenth of an article in Space Education journalism

$20 pays for a set of "JC Principles and Procedures" CD and photocopies of inspiring quotations for the walls of two classrooms  (postpaid in North America, $30 outside North America)

A typical passport is good for ten years.


Source:  U.S. Department of State

In short, more people in the USA are capable of traveling overseas today than in 1974, but we  can have more opportunites for contact via the Internet than we did back then.

Snapshot:  Syria

In 1989:     5,000 U.S. visitors 
In 1994:   10,000 U.S. visitors     500,000 visitors from non-Arab countries
In 2011:  not so many U.S. visitors...   but contact by Skype can continue.
Sourrce:  cafe-syria.com 

Year                Population of USA      Percent with passport         Number without passports

1960                180 million                      20%                                140 million
2010                310 million                      40%                                200 million

The absolute number of U.S. people without active passports is larger today than in 1960, even though the number of active passports has grown significantly since 1973.

Rate of Passport Ownership by country
Britain                       71%
USA                          40%
China                           1%

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