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E)  Creating "dancing words" videos to inspire changes in  attitudes.  Divisive attitudes toward the work of W. Edwards Deming and others who advocate collaboration can undermine the efforts of organizations that BIB supports.  The videos aim to shift attitudes -- and that shift is what sometimes makes the difference.  Here are some links to examples of videos that we want to emulate:

Entrepreneurs can change the world  Distributed by Grasshopper

F) Transforming Education.    Teenagers and adults would be in a better position to serve as cultural ambassadors if they knew more about science, history, literature, other cultures and countries.  If we transform schools to pursue the Seven Global Skills (Tony Wagner),   BIB's general fund supports efforts to improve schools, thereby making students prepared for their Skype contacts.   Desired Results:  A Skype Dialogue.  Efforts include, and alternative assessments.  Film Project

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Dedicated Funds

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1) The JC Society Fund -- this dedicated fund pays for distribution of audio CDs and "procedure kits" to schools, aiming to improve .  The procedure kits are based on the writings of John Corlette, found on

2)  Gordon Dyke Educational Fund -- this fund pays for school fees for orphans in Kenya.  The students who receive support are encouraged to connect with our Penpals list.  BIB provides part of the education that is needed for that Kenyan child to participate in the Skype discussions.   Statement by Jennie Hinde

Space Education Fund -- this fund provides grants to commentators and programs that assist schools and non-profit organizations in presenting information to teenagers and the general public about the development of space.  With the reduction of support of NASA, the USA finds itself in need of new private-sector initiatives to meet future challenges.  Today's students will be tomorrow's taxpayers:  will today's teenagers have accurate information to make choices and to defend those choices to people who live in other countries?  Unsettling information from a 2010 poll conducted by the Pew Research Foundation.  
Special topics include the link between satellite transmissions and child abuse; anticipated transfer of not-yet-invented space-based technology that could benefit terrestrial concerns  (parallels found in the Renaissance where military technology benefited the arts).  Examples of past recipients

4)  The Brooks Emeny Digital Library Fund -- This fund promotes the idea of personal collections of materials downloaded from the Internet, for access when the Internet is not available.  Sample Digital Libraries are distributed to schools and lesson plans help teachers, students and parents select educational and inspirational materials.

5)  The Brooks Emeny Video Phone Network Fund -- Imagine walking into a museum and seeing a Video Phone booth.  This fund promotes the concept and encourages the use of various software in public locations, such as museums and schools.

6)  QBE Education Fund -- this school builds soft skills and has projects that support the Penpals list and the production of other materials that support the aims of the organization.  QBE Academy is home to the Brooks Emeny Ph.D. Library.

Dedicated funds rest with BIB until the benefitting organization requests the money.  Dedicated funds are not used for general purposes.  Unrestricted donations can support any of these funds as well as the general work of BIB. 

7)  The Cleveland Council of World Affairs has a "Bridges to the World" educational program.  From the website (with relevant segments highlighted in blue):   Goals of this project are:
 1) to create a program for Ohio educators that will provide them with the educational background and curricular tools needed to increase knowledge about the world, cultures, and peoples; 
2) to raise awareness about the issues affecting regions of the world and to discover the relevancy of those issues for Northeast Ohio citizens; and 
3) to partner with community groups to develop programs with educational and cultural relevance to educators, students, and other community members. 

The Bridges to the World program is tied closely with the Council’s overall mission of education. With this program we will work with community partners to develop components of the project, such as: 
providing opportunities for students to interact with international visitors through CCWA’s International Visitor Program and speakers through public lectures and programs in collaboration with CCWA’s Public Programs department 
• facilitating teacher workshops, institutes, and educational exchanges cooperatively with higher education institutions and local school districts 
• pursuing curricular materials development and/or identification of existing curriculum 
• creating partnerships with community and cultural programs 

BIB makes an annual donation to CCWA's Bridges to the World program from BIB's unrestricted general fund.  BIB Penpals has been made available to the CCWA at no charge.


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Audio CDs (recommended)

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BIB supports the work of ortganizations described in these audo CDs (many of the items on these CDs were downloaded from Youtube by using

Meditation 1 -- from a high school that had a “thought of the day” session six times a week (“morning meditation”).  TSenn (track 5), ESenn (track 11), Jennie Hinde’s charity (track 12).  Christopher Reynolds reads a JC meditation (“our lives”).  Audio CD.

Anecdotes includes more “thoughts of the day” plus two anecdotes by a headmaster’s wife (EWatts).  Audio CD.

Dennis Littky (NPR) is an education pioneer.  His hallmark school is called Met Center in Providence, Rhode Island.  Several TV shows have been done about his school.  His phrase, “Education is everybody’s business,” captures the ideal situation where many people in the community make a local school part of their lives by serving as mentors to teenagers.   Audio CD.

JC Society includes some recordings from an online meeting held 10 October 2010.  Audio CD.

JC Speech, with remembrances of Gordon Dyke and descriptions of Ben Udy’s school in Honduras. Audio CD

Steve Jobs (track 5 and 6) speaks at the commencement at Stanford University (they appear in reverse order, so listen to track 6 first, then track 5).  I visited Frida Kahlo school in October 2009 and interviewed Enrique Gonzalez (tracks 7-9).  Audio CD.

Dan Pink, Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra:  Three pioneers describe aspects of education in lectures pulled from Youtube.  Audio CD.

Assessments (a conversation by phone on 29 July and 3 August) – If you haven’t heard about “alternative assessments,” this CD will bring you into the world of portfolios.  Finland is a global leader in the use of tests that tend to build useful skills like curiosity, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and initiative, and collaboration.  You might find these talks useful if you follow the work of Tony Wagner, the Harvard researcher who claims that there are 7 global skills (including communication, learning how to access and analyze information and agility and adaptability).

Statistics, not Calculus:  From a review of the video:  The following TED video, given by mathemagician and professor Arthur Benjamin embodies the best idea I’ve heard about math education in a LONG time. Perhaps ever. Just as I recently posted about how games like backgammon embody the 21st century in replacement of games like chess for the 20th, statistics is the central branch of mathematics for the 21st century rather than the calculus centric view of the 20th century. If you’re into math and math education, this will probably be the best 3 minutes you’ll spend today.  (As a math teacher, Steve McCrea has witnessed and experienced the pain of learning calculus and recommends this video)

Donations are tax-deductible if made to Building International Bridges.

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BIB has underwritten the cost of distributing the “Procedures Kit” developed for the JC Society to spread awareness of John Corlette’s principles of education.  If you would like to learn more, go to

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