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This is the mod that takes Brothers in Arms to all new heights of authenticity and immersion.  Experience the chaos and incredible adrenaline rush of World War II infantry warfare like never before.  Scores of US and German soldiers maneuver and fire from all sides while you try to command your squad amidst the din of shouting and grenade blasts.  

The WarZone mod is platoon-level combat rarely seen in any other game: over a dozen or more US troops join you on your missions, while you face up to three times the number of Germans.

Reinforcements Join Your Squad In Battle

Reinforcements from 1st Platoon, Fox Company 502 PIR, known as "Big Jack's Mob", have arrived. They were split up for a special extraction mission and the rest were reassigned to supporting operations by 3rd Platoon (that's Red & Baker's).  They won't be under your direct command, but they are no less determined to see the success of the mission.

The paratroopers from Big Jack's Mob are extremely aggressive, perhaps crossing the line from courageous into stupidity. However, their strength and tenacity are unmatched. They will attempt to maneuver and flank on their own. Some will follow you and your men, others will stay slightly ahead.

If the Mob see you order your men to target an enemy unit, they will decrease their movement to provide supporting fire. If you order an assault, they will whole-heartedly participate.

In addition, your tanks will be accompanied by heavily-equipped Armored Division troops carrying bazookas.

A More Fearsome Enemy

Your squad isn't the only one getting reinforcements.  The Germans will have three times as many troops at their disposal, and will use the Dangerous AI tactics to attempt to destroy you.  Oh yes, there will be blood.

BattleZone and WarZone: Size Matters

The WarZone mutator is highly recommended for the large maps of Earned in Blood, but Road to Hill 30's maps can be much smaller, making things a little too crowded for all of those troops.

Use the BattleZone mutator for the same intense combat at a slightly smaller scale.

CombatZone: Just For Fun

The CombatZone mutator give you a few extra troops from Big Jack's Mob, but you won't see any more Germans than usual in the field.

How to Use the WarZone Mod

Just add the WarZone, BattleZone, or CombatZone mutators just like any other.  When you start the mission, your reinforcements will already be deployed with your squad.  They will roughly follow you and your men around, sometimes maneuvering, suppressing, and flanking on their own.  

You can't directly control them, but with practice you will start to feel a new flow of combat with this many troops on the field of battle.  Your role might be described as more of a Platoon Leader rather than a Squad Sergeant.  Let me know what you think!