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Real Gravity

Grenades and dead or dying bodies will no longer "float" through the air, but instead will drop much more realistically.  Shooting enemies will cause them to slump down and forward, rather than be blown backwards. You will have to learn to adjust to the new trajectories for grenades and panzerfausts.

Real Sights

If you've ever held a rifle in real life, you'd know instantly the rifle and your head move independently, because the rifle is in your hands, not strapped on your head. Iron sights are great, and sway is certainly some progress towards realism, but with the RealSights mutator, as in real life, your focus or view does not sway or change as if your head was moving around. Rather, the weapon is what sways, due to involuntary muscle contractions, breathing, heartrate, and so on.

For iron sights, you will get a sense of how to shoot based on what is called "sight picture". Both the rear sights and forward sights should be aligned for the best accuracy.  You will also get a feel for the weight of each weapon, especially heavier weapons like the BAR and Panzerfaust. Scoped weapons will also vary in a more realistic fashion.

Real Tracers

As many WWII enthusiasts point out, tracer ammo was only used with certain weapons under certain conditions. Enabling this mutator removes the tracer fire for rifles, submachine guns, and the STG44. Only machine guns, AA guns, the BAR, and the FG42 will have tracer fire.

In addition, the look of all tracer fire has been improved using JCLewis's textures.


For the strictest authentic gameplay: no character names, no team icons, no portraits when soldiers get hit or die, no ammo counter (except clip counter and grenades), no compass, no objective arrow, no health or posture, no hints, no objective messages, and no explosive timers. 

A small icon in the bottom left will indicate which team you are currently ordering.  Situational Awareness View remains unchanged.

Body Count

Dead bodies will no longer disappear.  Survey the carnage, and be reminded that War is Hell.